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Snam Rete Gas sSpa, greenery restoration, arrangements of the green areas and green maintenance to the poggio renatico (Fe) plant.
Snam Rete Gas Spa, greenery restoration (reforestation, grassing, supplementary works) along the gas pipeline between Pietrafitta and Perugia (DN 400 (16”) – 75 bar);
Sondrio province: ‘’Project for 10 big forest in the plain and valley. Intervention of urban reforestation in the Valtellina valley, executive lot 30”;
Sorgenia S.p.A : “Project for greenery restoration of Bertonico and Turano Lodigiano generating station”
Respecting territorial norms and the environmental harmony Floema intervenes in green endeavor with qualified experience, following strict guidelines to respect the territorial integrity and the environmental ecosystems.
ASG scarl environmental clean-up of depuration tanks, Somaglia
Environmental and naturalistic clean-up along the gas pipeline from Viggiano to Taranto;