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Therapeutic Garden for Alzheimer patients

Project by Agronomist Doctor Elisabetta Fermani, realized by Floema on an area of 1000 square meters.
In activity for four years the garden has been projected and developed as a “green therapeutic area” with the function of supporting in the control of those indispositions as stress and uncontrolled ambulation due to the sickness itself. The achievement was to try to recreate familiar places for the elderly people memories, such as the garden with flowers, the vegetable garden and the fruit garden.
Inside the garden there is a circular sinuous route without constriction that allows the elderly people to move safely on a pavement made of anti-shock rubber. The elderly has the possibility to move safely and to maintain as much as possible his autonomy without suffering any constriction.
The circular route has the purpose of reducing the anxiety of not having any landmark, granting a safe space for the wandering with a handrail and the lack of obstacles.
The vegetable garden are lifted up, built on metallic structures that allow the elderly to work the soil without the need to bend toward the ground. Elderly people can work standing or even on the wheelchair.
The green area not only improve the morale of the patients, but also allows them to do physical exercise.
The farming of vegetables and the harvesting of fruit stimulate the sensory organs causing the elderly people to recall memories from the past. At the center fo the garden there is a big gazebo for activities in the shadow, away from the sun.