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In accordance with the processes required by ISO 9001 2008 certification, with the specific territorial norms and in harmony with the surrounding environment, Floema intervention is made with qualified experience, following the guidelines that allows the respect of the territories and of the environmental ecosystems in the workplace. Pivotal for us is the communication with the client, through meetings, local inspections and mutual confrontations, and the construction yard organization and security. Floema’s modus operandi follows some simple…
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The Floema Brand expresses everything that is enclosed in its name and its logo. Floema is the hidden energy of the plants, the system that favors the flowing of the vital fluids inside of it, beginning from the roots and branching off in each of the vital parts of the tree system.
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Floema staff is made by a multidisciplinary team with well defined competences and responsibilities. There are three pivotal figures, around whom an efficient team of operative gardener technicians works. Giordano Lualdi, agrotechnician, technical director and project manager in the worksite Company: Floema Srl Email: giordano.lualdi@floemasrl.it Address: Via Mulino Alberone 6 Comune di: Somaglia (LO) Phone: +39 0377.57417 Francesco Riccardi, Agronomist, technical director and responsible of the quality system. Company: Floema Srl Email: francesco.riccardi@floemasrl.it Address: Via Mulino Alberone…
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