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Our Gardens

We can talk about ourselves even showing the pictures of our gardens.
Through twenty years of experience we can show you how we made our gardens and how we are willing to continue our business. A specific garden for each of us, suitable for each individual, “tailored” on the real necessities of the client, whether he is a friend of us. A company CEO or a multinational corporation in the energy sector.
Thanks to our skilled team and our competence in every aspect of our job our works can range from the small domestic garden to the therapeutic portable garden Ecocura®, and from massive work of environmental clean-up or environmental engineering to transplantation of trees.
Furthermore keep in mind that we will always grant an efficient and qualified maintenance service through the years.


  • Miloft Concept
  • Pn Studio Progetto Natura
  • Orticolario
  • Excel Scd
  • Santambrogio Milano
  • Serralunga Vasi

Our Clients

  • Expo
  • Cap Holding Milano
  • Eni
  • Eon Energia
  • Sorgenia
  • Snam Rete Gas
  • Zoppoli & Pulcher
  • Comuni di Lodi
  • Comuni di Bergamo
  • Provincia di Milano
  • Astem Gestioni
  • Comune di  Montanaso
  • Comune di Paderno Dugnano
  • Comune di Peschiera Borromeo
  • Pantigliate
  • Voghera
  • Lumezzane
  • Sindyal
  • Comune di Curno
  • Università di Urbino
  • Provincia di Sondrio
  • Comune di Settimo Milanese